Darksiders Genesis

Maximise your gaming options with Nephilim Edition Darksiders Genesis

THQ Nordic heard you like games, so you get a board game in your game when you buy one of the 5000 limited edition versions of Darksiders Genesis.

This is what you’ll get if you splurge on the Nephilim Edition of Darksiders Genesis, one of two special editions of the upcoming game. Available for all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, the Nephilim Edition includes the game, a steel book case, stickers, an art book, a soundtrack, a 9-inch Strife figurine, and a board game; for those analog kinda days.

Darksiders: The Forbidden Land is a co-op, dungeon crawler board game, for up to four players, which sees you playing as War, Death, Fury, or Strife in an entirely new story line within the Darksiders universe. Actions are card-based so you must manage these well in order to win at the apocalypse. You do want to win at the apocalypse, right?

The Nephilim Edition will set you back over R5,300 (off Amazon) or, if that would (understandably) put you on Salticrax for the rest of the year, you can opt for the Collector’s Edition, for around R1,700. With the Collector’s Edition, you get everything except the board game. That seems like a lot for a board game, despite all those fancy-as-butts miniatures.

Darksiders Genesis is set for release some time this year for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Via Nintendo Life.

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