Blair Witch Dog

Blair Witch gameplay trailer brings a dog to a witch fight

The Blair Witch Project, the movie about some grievously under-prepared campers wandering around a spooky forest, that popularised the “found footage” genre, and ruined creepy stick crafts for everyone, is getting another game adaptation; now with added dog. E3 2019 gave us the trailer, now we’ve got some gameplay.

Which feels like animal endangerment, since Mr. Nokia (Ellis) seems aware that his forest investigation is turning too spooky for any sane person to handle, but continues on regardless. Which is pretty true to the source material, but that didn’t involve an innocent pupper.

The game takes place in 1996, hence the comforting green glow of the cell screen and your lack of confusion about how cassette tapes work, placing it after the events of the original movie. You’re playing as a former police officer, with a troubled past, assisting in the search for a young boy gone missing around the Black Hills Forest.

Developed by Bloober Team, the same studio behind the Layers of Fear series, Blair Witch is a psychological horror game that’s more about puzzles than combat, although you will make use of the Alan Wake defense torch and will be able to manipulate time via the video camera, all while being driven ever more insane.

Yes, you can pat the dog.

Blair Witch is set for release on 30 August for PC and Xbox One.


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