Walking Dead Untitled Third Series

Tired of The Walking Dead? Too bad, there’s another series coming out next year

First, there was The Walking Dead, then, Fear the Walking Dead, now, get ready for the teen angst edition of the zombie apocalypse, with a third series based in the same world.

The Walking Dead announced the spin-off on Twitter yesterday, with a little teaser trailer.

The, as yet untitled, series will revolve around a group of kids who have grown up in a sheltered place, similar to Alexandria (if you made it that far). Being teens, they’ve decided it’s time to find out what it’s really like out there instead of staying all lame and alive at home. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty kak.

The concept art in the trailer suggests this series takes place well after the “great zombification” event so I hope there’s a solid explanation as to why all the walkers haven’t all rotted away or at least shambled themselves down to a bunch of stubby torsos. I know there won’t be, but still.

While I have undying (hur) patience and love for Rick’s team of beleaguered blunderers, I have minimal interest in watching a bunch of teens wandering around on some voyage of self-discovery, making all the same mistakes we’ve already seen everyone else make, but I don’t believe I’m the target demographic. Are you?

The third series set in the world of The Walking Dead is set for release around March/April 2020.

Via GeekTyrant.

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