Twitch ladies are hosting a “SlutStream” to expose online sexism and raise money for charity

Satirical “titty streamer” Kacey “Kaceytron” Kaviness is teaming is up with Isabella “IzzyBear” O’Hammon and other users tonight for a “SlutStream”, subverting the hypocritical prejudice of guys who think having boobs on Twitch is some kind of crime but probably also love porn. And Kaceytron’s boobs.

“Slut” is obviously a provocative word. For some, it’s the go-to insult used to demean women who are dressed in violation of social and cultural norms – although those social and cultural norms are not exactly the same from one place to the next. In most Western countries, for example, wearing a bikini at the beach is no big deal. But in Saudi Arabia, that’s… more of a big deal. For whatever reason, however, the rules on the internet are different. If a woman on Twitch or YouTube or almost anywhere else online wears a bikini or a tee or a hessian sack or something else that even ambiguously suggests, if you zoom in or close your eyes and use your imagination, that she has boobs, that makes her a slut according to a lot of toxic dudebros. Which isn’t okay on Twitch or YouTube or whatever, but is totally okay on PornHub or even that random classmate’s Facebook vacation photos. It’s complicated and inconsistent (and stupid) like that.

For others, it’s, like, so what. The real problem is the people using it.

“I’ve had a lot of people ask, ‘Why call it SlutStream? That’s just offensive,’” Kaceytron tells Kotaku. “The whole idea of calling it ‘SlutStream’ is taking the name back and giving less power to it.”

Proceeds from the event will go to Freedom 4/24, a non-profit organisation that helps victims of sex trafficking.

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