Halo: Reach

Memory issues delay Halo: Reach on the Xbox One

Halo: Reach is coming to Xbox One under the monster Master Chief Collection. I mean it will, when it’s ready. When will it be ready? WHEN IT’S READY.

That’s according to 343 Industries’ Brian Jarrard.

It seems 343 has run into some memory issues relating to bringing the full Master Chief Collection (MCC) to the Xbox One. The MCC is a package of seven games and 11 game engines that share the same hardware resources. According to 343, the Reach beta is being delayed because new character customisation options and a new progression system for the MCC are causing memory constraints.

Bringing the entire progression and customization system into MCC also requires memory to be used to run the additional UE4 engine. Currently, a lot of progress has been made in getting it up and running, but the title still is not within memory constraints to properly run on the Xbox One. In order to flight on Xbox One, we need to be within these limits, otherwise instability will be an issue.

So, the Reach beta on Xbox One is delayed until they can figure that out. You win this round, PC.

Via GameSpot.

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