The Stand Stephen King

The Stand series will have a different ending written by Stephen King

Stephen King loves a good rewrite, update, or addition to stories he’s already finished. The Stand, for instance, has several different endings, depending which edition you read, and now it’s getting another one for the TV series adaptation. Way to stick it to the book purists, Steve.

We’ve mentioned it before, but Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic, horror/fantasy epic, The Stand, is getting a limited series adaptation and it seems that King himself will be writing a final chapter that doesn’t exist in any version of the book.

It’s like the opposite of A Song of Ice and Fire; more endings than you could ever need.

The series has started filming and should get a 2020 release, but the specific date hasn’t been set yet. It has been confirmed that James Marsden (as Stu Redman), Whoopi Goldberg (as Mother Abagail), Amber Heard (as Nadine Cross), Greg Kinnear (as Glen Bateman), Odessa Young (as Frannie Goldsmith), Henry Zaga (as Nick Andros), and Marilyn Manson (in a mystery role) are in the cast.

There’s still time to get through some version of this tome, but which one will be closest to the TV series? WHICH ONE??

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