Area 51

Area 51 raid update – sorry, you’re not getting to “see them aliens”

So, the raid on Area 51, that was primed to engage the age-old “Naruto run” strategy of bullet avoidance and that had managed to entice two million “attendees”, was just a bit of fun, according to the event’s creator, Matthew Roberts. Now, he wants to host a legitimate Area 51 festival and Facebook is having none of it.

Facebook removed the memeworthy event on the 3rd of August for violating community standards. Given the number of people that probably completely missed the joke and were gearing up for a suicide charge on a heavily-guarded military base, this was, most likely, for the best.

Roberts then created a replacement event, but Facebook removed that one too, after it amassed 15,000 attendees. Fine, he got the message; Facebook did not approve of his humour. So, Roberts decided to create an actual event; a legitimate Area 51 festival that wouldn’t be anywhere near the highly-classified military base. However, it seems Facebook wasn’t falling for that one, you tricksy anarchists, and removed that event, too.

Understandably, Roberts is disappointed.

I think it’s pretty reckless of Facebook, especially because I’m trying to direct people away from storming the base.

I mean, you were the one encouraging two million people to raid the base in the first place, so…


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