Star Trek: Picard Engage

Get the whole Star Trek: Picard story with prequel comics and novel

Star Trek: Picard is getting some tie-in reading material for the fans that really want to be up-to-speed before the new series starts.

Wine can certainly improve your viewing experience, but these new Star Trek: Picard tie-ins are of a different consumable nature. First up, we’re getting a three-issue comic book miniseries, in November, called Star Trek: Picard – Countdown which focuses on the situation going on before the TV series begins. Then, in February 2020, a novel called The Last Best Hope, by Uma McCormack, is coming out that will lead directly into the show and introduce some of the new characters.

Since the novel only comes out in February, and there is no set release date for Star Trek: Picard, does that mean the series is only due out then, too? Just give us a release date, already.

Gone are the days when you could rely on a film or series to tell you everything you needed to know, now you’re expected to do your homework in order to fully understand what’s going on. This could be seen as mildly obnoxious when a film or series isn’t even based on a novel, but some people like absorbing all the lore they can about the things they love.

Via Engadget.

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