Samurai Shodown will add a DLC character each month until the end of the year

During the recent Evo fighting game tournament in Las Vegas, SNK revealed the release schedule for the remainder of Samurai Shodown’s first season, with an additional DLC fighter being tossed into the fray monthly until 2019 draws to a close. So, something of a Shodown hoedown, ‘ey? [No. – Ed]

Fans of the stylish stab ’em up can look forward to the likes of Rimururu from 7 August, followed by free DLC character Shizumaru Hisame in September, Basara for October, Kazuki Kazama during November, and Wan-Fu to close the season in December.

Season 2 kicks off in 2020 with Mina Makijina, after coming out on top of a recent Dengeki Online poll, followed by a selection of other pointy haired types still to be revealed. The highly regarded franchise reboot is available on just about every platform but your cellphone or calculator, so you don’t have much in the way of excuses not to give it a bash.

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