Still There

Still There shows us that, in space, nobody can hear you repress your emotions

The announcement trailer for Iceberg Interactive and GhostShark’s Still There will have you contemplating oblivion, but in a fun way.

Who hasn’t wanted to run away and become a space-lighthouse keeper instead of actually dealing with their feelings? Still There is a psychological adventure game that revolves around the day-to-day activities associated with keeping the Bento Space Lighthouse running after a mysterious message breaks through and reminds you of what you were trying to forget by signing up for the loneliest job in the galaxy. It seems to have something to do with the loss of your family and potentially children; the usual things that might send you fleeing for the sweet oblivion of space.

While performing your everyday maintenance duties, including the upkeep of the resident tuatara (a type of lizard), you will be engaging with Gorky (an obnoxious, but well-meaning AI) and working your way through a series of technical puzzles while collecting data and assisting nearby spaceships with navigation issues.

I imagine you’ll also be learning how to deal with your feelings, because you can’t keep the existential dread at bay forever. Deep space is no obstacle for the existential dread.

Still There is set for release around September/October for PC and the Nintendo Switch.


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