Unknown Worlds wants $300,000 from G2A for credit card scam costs

Remember how controversial website G2A promised to reimburse developers for credit card scam costs “multiplied by 10”? Unknown Worlds’ boss Charlie Cleveland is now claiming $300,000 from the company, ten times the $30,000 credit card scam cost incurred by the studio in 2013 when 1,341 copies of its game Natural Selection 2 were fraudulently purchased on Steam and resold on G2A. Cue dramatic music.

G2A’s unconventional offer was a response to complaints and allegations that users are exploiting its system to resell games purchased on other websites using stolen credit card info, resulting in reverse purchase costs from banks to developers – and developers recommending that people pirate the game instead of buying it on G2A. The claim process is subject to an audit, however, and with G2A conceding only a “small risk” of credit card scams on its website, proving a case could be difficult.

Unknown Worlds is the second developer to respond to the proposition, according to GamesIndustry, preceded by Factorio developer Wube Software.

“G2A got back to us this Monday, nothing much has happened so I will keep it short,” Wube explained in a game update on its blog in July. “They asked if we would agree to an audit to verify the money lost to chargebacks, we said yes, and they said they will start contacting some audit companies, and that it will ‘take some time’.”

The outcome of that audit, or if it’s even been started, is unconfirmed for the moment. In the meantime, though, Cleveland is asking G2A to pay up.

Obligatory joke about G2A paying them with stolen credit card info.

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