Fight Crab

Fight Crab, which is exactly what you think it is, scuttles into early access

Nussoft Studio’s hilarious Fight Crab, a game about hyperintelligent crabs blessed by some omnipotent gods on a far-off planet, has launched into early access on

The trailer features top-quality crustacean cruelty, such as crabs wielding lightsabers, crabs using hammers (one of which oddly looks similar to Mjolnir), and that one lobster that just so happens to have a rocket launcher. There’s even a whole Dragon Ball Z style beam struggle between two of the godly crabs, so what’s not to enjoy here? Fight locations include dungeons, supermarkets, and seemingly deserted urban areas. Currently, there are 19 different crab species and 41 weapons for players to choose from. In the game, “those who are flipped onto their shells, shall be cooked into a crab cake, or mouth-watering rangoon.” In other words, players who get flipped over permanently lose the match.

In a world where the human race has gone extinct, and crabs have asserted themselves as the dominant species, this seems pretty legit. I guess we’re going to have to welcome the crabs as our new overlords (of which we have so many I’ve quite frankly lost count). No release date yet, but Fight Crab will be available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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