Final Fantasy VIII Remaster 2019

Final Fantasy VIII remaster kills classic meme

Squall will finally be the prettiest boy at the party, thanks to Square Enix’s remaster of Final Fantasy VIII, but won’t somebody think of the memes?

FF VIII originally came out in 1999; not exactly a thrilling time for in-game graphics. This was artfully depicted in a quality meme that focused on a moment in the game when Rinoa first meets our angsttacular hero Squall, complimenting him by saying he’s the best looking guy at the party.


It was cool at the time, guys.

With this in mind, Square Enix, which is totally down with the youth of today, recently tweeted a small glimpse into the upcoming remaster.

For a given value of “good looking”, I guess. Now you can really see the apathy in his cold, dead eyes.

Dank memes aside, I’m looking forward to getting another go at my favourite Final Fantasy even though I fear it will not be as compelling as I thought it was, back when I was an equally angsty teen.

The Final Fantasy VIII remaster is set for release this year, for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Via Kotaku.

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