Apex Legends Iron Crown Event

Make it all about you with limited edition Apex Legends solo mode

If you’re not feeling the team spirit in Apex Legends, you’ve got two weeks to try out solo mode, with the new Iron Crown Collection Event, and feel the true glory of being the last one standing. Teamwork schmeamwork.

Solo mode comes with the Iron Crown patch and sees you dropping your team mates and heading out into Kings Canyon, alone, for some sweet solo shenanigans. This is a limited time mode, but it will be considered for permanent inclusion if Respawn gets enough positive feedback. Solo mode is currently available until 27 August.

Along with the solo experience, there’s also a new Gauntlet map area, in Kings Canyon, that’s been redesigned to suit Octane’s adrenaline junkie needs. Eliminate your enemies while soaring through a ring of fire – righteous.

While taking part in the Iron Crown events, you will be earning a new currency, Crowns, that you can spend on event-limited content. Any unspent Crowns will be converted to crafting material once the event is over. There will also be a whole bunch of new hero skins for purchase through loot boxes.

The patch also includes a whole host of fixes and balance tweaks; check out the full notes over here.

If you want to keep up-to-date with Apex Legends’ development progress, check out the Apex Tracker, Respawn’s public Trello board. Bold move, Respawn.

Via Polygon.

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