THQ Nordic Games

THQ Nordic not dead, working on a bunch of new games

THQ Nordic wants you to stop focusing on that PR nightmare from February, and instead look at all this shiny new stuff they’re working on. You wanted another Saints Row, right? How about Timesplitters? You remember that, don’t you?

Released today, a press release from THQ Nordic outlined their upcoming projects, of which there are plenty (81 to be exact), with the intention of delivering at least two AAA releases by 2021.

One of their larger games is being worked on by the Volition team, at Deep Silver, involving a new Saints Row that will follow on from 2013’s Saints Row IV. All we know about it, so far, is that they’re “deep in development”. Super Ethical Reality Battle Royale, anyone?

We also learned that Dead Island 2 is still happening, they promise. It’s now in development with Dambuster Studios after sitting in indefinite-delay-limbo for a couple of years.

If none of these franchises are old enough for you, Deep Silver has also acquired the TimeSplitters license, with the original creator, Steve Ellis, on board to assist with the future of the series. The last TimeSplitters game came out in 2005.

Aside from all this, Deep Silver Fishlabs is working on a new, mystery IP and several other unannounced projects, so we should be hearing quite a lot from THQ Nordic in the near future. Hopefully, after they’ve hired a new PR guy.

Via GameSpot.

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