Neill Blomkamp no longer directing RoboCop sequel

First Halo, then Alien, now this. While Neill Blomkamp is still working on something, it’s not RoboCop, according to a recent Twitter post.

Blomkamp has been keeping busy with a host of short films since Chappie, his last feature film, came out in 2015. RoboCop was meant to be his return to the big screen, but it seems scheduling difficulties have led to him being dropped.

This isn’t the first time Blomkamp has missed out on a major franchise movie. First, he got everyone excited, back in 2007, when he made a Halo-based short film, but he wasn’t approached to actually make anything official. Then, he got everyone excited, in 2015, with his concept art for an Alien sequel, and he was even signed on by Fox to make it, but then Alien: Covenant happened instead.

We don’t know what this horror/thriller is that he’s working on, but I’ll take a new film over a sequel any day. Yes, even a RoboCop sequel.



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