Sonic the Hedgehog movie

Sega Europe president thinks game studios don’t know how to make game movies

He’s not totally wrong, but I might argue that almost no one seems to know how to make game movies.

Sega Europe president, Gary Dale, spoke to at E3 about the collaborative process of adapting a game into a movie and how games studios shouldn’t control the process. This was after the massive backlash they received on the release of the first Sonic the Hedgehog trailer. Backlash that, apparently, surprised everyone at Sega and Paramount and which sent them scurrying back to fix the iconic main character’s design.

I think the idea that you try to control Paramount would be the wrong approach. But at the same time, for Paramount not to take into account our views on Sonic would also be wrong. I think we’re looking for a creative partnership that gets the best film. And over the years, I look at the success of game franchises in film and it’s very mixed. The idea that games makers can control the process and create great movies… I don’t know if that’s true or not.

In your face, Ubisoft and Sony.

Yes, games and movies are two very different things and certain game studios might not be up to the task of adapting their work for the screen. However, the game studios do know what their characters should look like and how they should behave, which is pretty much how game fans are judging these adaptations. Did anyone care what the Detective Pikachu plot was? No, because we got to watch a bunch of lifelike Pokémon pronking about on screen.

Sorry, Gary, you let them give Sonic human teeth and they used Gangsta’s Paradise in the trailer, you’re not getting the best film.

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