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Apex Legends solo mode players are working together and it’s making people sad

There’s a limited time solo mode option available in Apex Legends right now, so, obviously, people are teaming up to gain an advantage over those playing the proper way and someone’s gonna tell mom if they don’t start playing right.

Solo mode sees 60 players battling it out in a free-for-all in which there can be only one winner, rather than the usual teams of three. However, teamwork makes the dream work, so some enterprising players are forming pacts to work together to reach the end ring.

Apparently, it’s not particularly difficult to queue at the same time as a friend and end up in the same solo match together. This is upsetting some of the other players that want to play as Respawn intended, but I’m not sure what they expect the developers to do about it. People could always start forming impromptu pacts with random strangers from the Internet, they’re not all terrible. Have they even seen the Hunger Games?

Respawn probably never intended for everyone to end up hiding behind crates and corners, waiting for the ring to close, either.

Via GameSpot.

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