Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot features important scenes from the anime

I mean, probably? I dunno because I don’t actually ever watch Dragon Ball Z or even other anime shows because it’s mostly people screaming at each other about entirely incomprehensible plot developments and lots of hair and personal drama and that’s much too close to reality for me. But according to Bandai Namco, the game includes a scene from one of the show’s episodes about Goku and Piccolo learning to drive, and apparently this is a big deal for weebs.

Siliconera reports that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot features content from the original anime’s Cell Saga, with Gohan and Trunks as playable characters and an “appearance in some form” by Android 17. The game also introduces new character Bonyu, a “busty female” and ex-Ginyu Force member who dropped out because “she didn’t like their poses” (what?) and whose name translates as “breast milk” (… what?), and who is definitely going to be some guy’s custom body pillow waifu.

“As for filler material, one that was confirmed was the filler episode that had Goku and Piccolo go to a driving school to get their licenses which will appear in the form of a driving game.”

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot launches on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2020.

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