Robo Shorts

Become a runner for minimal effort with these robo-shorts

Who even likes running? No one. All those people that say they do are paid shills for Big Health. Thankfully, science is here to save us all, with these robot shorts.

Fine, the robo-shorts aren’t actually for helping anyone avoid their everyday exercise requirements (yet). They’re being developed, by a team at Harvard, to assist military personnel, rescue workers, and long distance hikers.

The robot shorts are a type of lightweight exosuit, worn around the hips, that can make you feel around seven kilograms lighter, while walking, and around five kilograms lighter, while running. The shorts reduce the energy spent on these activities by assisting the wearer while they move. Watch the video for a proper explanation.

In the future, the team is hoping the exosuit will be small enough, and quiet enough, for it to have more real-world applications, like assisting people that have gait impairments and helping you put minimum effort into walking uphill.

Finally, trudging up mountains to regard nature in all its awesome, stupid glory is the actual worst.


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