Cape Town wants to fine people for swearing on beaches, lol

A new draft by-law proposing a number of regulations and restrictions on the city’s beaches includes an “undesirable conduct” provision that, between obvious things like vandalism and sex,  prohibits “foul or indecent language”, like that’s totally going to fucking work.

The legislation also bans booze, ugly umbrellas, and public “performance or entertainment” – although I think most of us are probably okay about Kyle not bringing his stupid guitar. Omg, Kyle. Nobody is impressed by Wonderwall in 2019, or ever. These offences could be subject to a fine or other penalties by “an authorised official”, and sent to bed without pudding.

A definitive list of no-no words is not confirmed for the moment, but I expect our tax money is being budgeted accordingly on a special committee of Karens for this very important purpose.

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