Xbox Game Studios

Microsoft isn’t feeling this open relationship, wants to keep things exclusive

Microsoft is all for a little cross play (it’s totally into that), but it wants to keep its exclusives, y’know, exclusive. This comes after their recent acquisition of several studios with releases planned for different platforms.

Microsoft recently acquired Obsidian, Double Fine, and Ninja Theory and each of these studios have games set for release on multiple platforms, such as Obsidian’s upcoming The Outer Worlds and Double Fine’s Psychonauts 2. The acquisitions won’t change anything about that, though, as Microsoft intends to honor these platform commitments.

However, future releases from these studios will be Microsoft exclusives and don’t expect any more first party Xbox games to be shared with other consoles. At least they’re not killing off cross play.

We continue to believe deeply in cross play and progression of games with the right flexibility for developers to insure a fair and fun experience.

So, Minecraft and Fortnite are safe.

Xbox Game Studios has also been working on a number of projects for PC, including a PC-specific version of the Game Pass subscription service.

This all kinda makes sense, since there’s very little exclusive about a game you can play anywhere. Besides, if there were no exclusives, you’d only need to own one gaming platform and where’s the fun in that?


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