Anime Robot Head

The future is disembodied anime heads

A Swedish robotics company has teamed up with Bandai Namco to create the head of an anime girl and it’s not even for that thing you think it is – perv.

Sweden’s Furhat Robotics develops robotic heads with rear-projected faces that allow for significantly less horrifying facial expressions than one usually finds in robots that are trying to imitate people. Known as “social robots”, they’re used at information points for international travelers, for unbiased job interviews, and for medical pre-screening. I assume because most people (not me) prefer to interact with a face instead of a screen, in certain situations, and sometimes a human face is less cost effective to maintain.

Now, in partnership with Bandai Namco, Furhat is developing anime faces for their robots, starting with Mirai Komachi, a mascot for the VOCALOID4 voicebank software.

Seems like the technology was made for this. The companies intend for these robotic anime heads to be used for things like cinema ticket sales and theme park information points, which is an adorably innocent expectation on their part.

Interacting with humans is pretty much the worst, though, so the faster these social robots get here, the better.

Via Crunchyroll.

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