Battlefield V competitive play cancelled to focus on bug fixes

If you were waiting for the 5v5 competitive mode for Battlefield V, you may want to take a seat and grab a magazine, because it’s going to be a while.

A recent update from the developers of EA’s Battlefield V announced that their plans to add a competitive 5v5 play mode have been cancelled. Apparently, this had to be done in order for them to focus on improving overall quality and adding new game content.

The team is apparently battling a number of bugs that are proving more difficult to crush than expected. These include missing pre-order and special edition items, download errors, invisible players, and spawning issues, with a number being quite serious game-breakers that are making players understandably frustrated.

They’re not giving up on competitive play entirely, though.

We know that there’s already an existing competitive scene in our community, and we’re helping build features to support these communities.

In the meantime, in the spirit of transparency, the developers are intending to provide daily, weekly, and monthly progress updates to keep everyone in the loop.


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