Star Citizen hosts exclusive $275 per person dinner event for its $1000 Concierge members because the game’s $300 million development fund cashed from suckers, I mean investors, wasn’t enough to buy some pizza

… so that Cloud Imperium Games could announce its new pre-purchase $675 limited edition Aegis Nautilus Solstice minelayer spaceship for its pre-purchase game which doesn’t actually support mines or minelaying mechanics yet either and was supposed to launch in 2014, then 2015, then 2016, then who even knows but why would it ever launch if it can keep making money like this anyway.

According to its product page (which I can’t link because I haven’t wasted money, I mean invested in the game and am consequently denied access to the website which is “restricted to holders of the or VIP status”, but a screenshot is included in the tweet below), the spaceship is 400 years old, so I guess Star Citizen’s development cycle is in-game canon now, HASHTAG ZING.

Also, that wasn’t a typo. Maybe the budget isn’t enough to hire a copy editor either.


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