International Space Station

The first ever alleged space crime isn’t very exciting

It’s nothing fun, like space piracy or space murder as a result of the ship becoming overrun with space ghosts; a NASA astronaut is just being accused of identity theft. Not even putting space in front of that could make it cool.

Earlier this year, American astronaut Anne McClain spent 203 days aboard the International Space Station and is now being accused of spending some of her space time illegally accessing the private financial records of her estranged spouse, Summer Worden. Spending that much time in space can get to you, though. Maybe she actually thought she was her estranged spouse.

Apparently, McClain admitted to her lawyer that she did access Worden’s bank account from space, using a password she had been given previously, but claims she didn’t do anything wrong because she accessed it for reasons related to their son’s care.

15 governments share the ISS and each nation is responsible for their own people, so McClain, unfortunately, won’t have to face space court. Probably just regular court.

Moral of the story: you can’t trust anyone with your banking passwords, not even an astronaut.


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