Borderlands Psycho

Looks like Fortnite’s getting ready to go a bit psycho

Seems like a little mayhem is coming to Fortnite, according to a teaser they recently tweeted. WHAT COULD IT POSSIBLY MEAN?

Look into my eyes when I stare at you!

If it’s too early for your eyes to be functional (no judging), there’s a Psycho mask at the bottom left.

This kinda makes sense because a) Borderlands-themed Fortnite skins have the potential to be pretty rad and b) Borderlands 3 is a timed exclusive for PC on the Epic Games Store. I imagine this was part of the deal. Some of Fortnite’s fans are probably even old enough to play Borderlands.

Will it just be skins or something more, like that whole Thanos situation that went down around the last two Avengers movies? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Shouldn’t be long, at least, since Borderlands 3 is set for release on 13 September.

Via GameSpot.

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