Rev your Lancers, Gears 5 is ready to preload

Gears of War 5 is ready for preloading, if you preordered the game or have access to the Xbox Games Pass. Also, Early Access will start slightly earlier than originally planned and Gears 4 is getting left behind.

You’ve got a few days to download Gears 5 before Early Access starts on 5 September at 21:00. It was previously going to be 6 September at midnight, but I guess The Coalition is feeling generous. Install size should be just under 60GB.

You’ll get 11 maps at launch, including seven arena-style maps and four Hive-style maps (for the new Escape mode), with more to be added later. There will also be 50 tiles available to use in the Map Builder. Check out what to expect on day one in the trailer, below.

With the rise of Gears 5, however, there must come the fall of Gears 4. In January 2020, all aspects of Ranked play will be removed from Gears 4, due to a predicted drop in player population. Instead, there will be a new series of playlists across Core and Competitive, with more relaxed latency and skill rating rules; to make matchmaking easier with fewer players. All quit penalties will also be removed. There will also no longer be any events in Gears 4.

For more information, you can check out The Coalition’s latest announcement, here.

For everyone who can’t get early access, Gears of War 5 is set for release on 10 September, for Xbox One and PC.

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