Red Dead Online is getting an update that will hopefully reduce the griefing

Everyone’s a meteorologist when it comes to Red Dead Online’s “summer” update

The upcoming Red Dead Online update is kind of a big deal, promising all sorts of additional options and fixes for all manner of things, but fans are getting antsy as the end of the US summer rapidly approaches without any news from Rockstar.

Why do we care that it’s still summer in the US? Because Rockstar said the next update was coming later this summer, and everyone started calling it the summer update, and then got outraged that it hasn’t happened yet.

The update will, among other things, include three new roles for Free Roam; the Bounty Hunter, the Trader, and the Collector, and supposedly attempt to fix some of the combat and control issues that are Red Dead’s primary weakness. It also sounds like you can get a dog. To say that I’m excited about this update is severely misrepresenting my desire to gain a doggo companion and corner the market in iguana skin boots.

So, for those of us that call the Southern Hemisphere home, summer in the US is our winter, which you may have noticed is coming to an end;  Pick n Pay isn’t selling those soup packs anymore and Woolies wants us all in bikinis. However, the seasons only “officially” swap over between 21 and 23 September. There’s still time.

In closing, Rockstar didn’t even call it the summer update, Chad, y’all made that up, so quit your whining. And even if they did call it that, summer’s not even over yet. Developers should really just stick to saying “soon”, though.

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