Red Dead Online Roles

Red Dead Online update is coming next week and that’s still technically summer in the US

I told you summer wasn’t done yet, you just had to have a little faith. We’ve finally got a due date for Red Dead Online’s much anticipated “later this summer” update, and it’s next week.

10 September, you guys.

The upcoming update will feature the Frontier Pursuits we’ve been hearing about, which let you take on the role of Bounty Hunter, Trapper, or Collector for an investment of 15 gold each (or for free, if you meet certain requirements that favour Twitch Prime members, PlayStation 4 owners, and GTA Online players). Each role lets you earn Role XP, cash, and gold, as well as unique items and skills, as you progress through the ranks. The Role XP counts towards this progression, up to 20 ranks, from Novice to Distinguished. Each tier of a Role unlocks unique items that can be purchased with tokens you earn as you rank up. Reaching Distinguished gains you all manner of ways to show everyone just how dedicated you are, including camp styling and recognisable clothing. More roles will be added in future updates.

Aside from the much anticipated roles, the update will bring improvements to player control and responsiveness, in combat and when just moving around. You’ll also be able to fix your fugly face without losing progress, be more bullet proof when Defensive, get new ability cards, and partake of new challenges and Dynamic Events, amongst many other things.

For all the details, you can check out Rockstar’s latest news post.

My camp dog is going to be the goodest boah the frontier ever did see.

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