Gears 5 Operations

Gears 5 Operations promise new content nearly every week

Seems there’s going to be a near-constant stream of new Gears 5 content to get on with once you’re over the campaign, and it’s all going to be free.

Operations is what Gears 5 is calling the multiplayer challenges that will let you earn all manner of free rewards post-launch. This includes new modes, maps, Characters, features, customisation items, and a bunch more stuff. These Operations will drop every three weeks, but Escape mode will be getting new Hives and challenges almost every week, to keep you interested.

Each Operation includes a Tour of Duty progression system. As you complete daily objectives and earn seasonal medals, by playing Versus, Horde, or Escape, you gain ranks and earn more free things. Each rank unlocks exclusive Character and weapon skins, executions, blood sprays (that’s a thing), banners, expressions (emotes), marks and other things they haven’t mentioned yet. The first Tour of Duty will begin at launch.

Whenever you play Versus, Horde, or Escape, you also earn Supply Points. Once you earn enough points, you get a Supply Drop that contains a customisation item.

For competitive players, there will be ranked seasons and you can track your prowess/failure on the leaderboards for  each division. New Masters leaderboards will display the top players for each mode from around the world.

Via PC Gamer.

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