Nintendo Switch Health Ring

Nintendo is really worried about your health

Nintendo has released a teaser video for a new Switch peripheral that looks like a Pilates ring. Also, they seem to think we’re way more into exercising for the amusement of our friends and families than we probably are.

It’s not clear exactly what this new peripheral is, but it appears to be health-related, which wouldn’t be unheard of for Nintendo. They have a history of making us move around for “fun” with Wii Fit. Seems like you hitch the ring to your Switch and one of the Joy-Cons acts as a movement monitor to ensure you get that deep burn in your sweet thighs. According to the trailer, it’s fun for both cowboys and Japanese people alike. Also, the French have no friends.

Like Wii Fit, this new peripheral will probably have a bunch of games to go with it, to incentivise you to get up off the couch, you utter potato.

We’ll get more information on the Nintendo Switch ring of health come 12 September.

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