Dead Cells

PSA: Dead Cells, Gears 5, and other less important games out now on Xbox Game Pass

Motion Twin’s masochism sim has been added to the Xbox Game Pass catalogue, and if you needed one more reason to subscribe, this is it.

The unconventional, hard-as-fuck Metroidvania/Dark Souls/Diablo mashup was 2018’s indie prodigy and instant cult classic, and the studio has since added new DLC to keep you dying over and over and over. FUN. It’s available now on Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One, with a subsequent launch expected on Xbox Game Pass for PC sometime later this month.

Other recent Xbox Game Pass releases include Gears of War 5 ( that’s exclusive early access for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, anyway – everybody else gets in on Tuesday, sucks to be you) and Blair Witch on Xbox One and PC, and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Creature in the Well on Xbox One.

In the meantime, I should probably update my 20 games you mustn’t miss on Xbox Game Pass.


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