PlayStation Controller Sven Brandsma

The PlayStation X button is actually a cross and now everyone’s day is ruined

A recent tweet by PlayStation UK has sent its community into an existential crisis by pointing out that the X (Ex) button on their controller is actually called the Cross. Consequences will never be the same.

I mean, they’re not wrong, but they’re clearly wrong.

PlayStation’s reasoning is that the rest are all shapes, so the X shape is actually a cross. Also, they made the thing, so whatever they call it is probably what it’s called. For comparison, Xbox controllers use letters (A, B, X, Y), so Ex makes sense there. Although, Ex also makes sense on the PlayStation, because only a psychopath would call it Cross.

Commenters went on to provide geometric backup for the idea that the X is a cross.

Like geometry ever solved anything.

Others dug a little deeper, coming up with alternate possibilities, such as the X being a representation of the Japanese “batsu”, or “wrong”, and the O being the representation of “maru”, or “correct”. So, X means no and O means yes. Do with that information what you will.

What do you call the Ex button?

Via Eurogamer.

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