See Jason Momoa

Apple TV+ knows how to get subscribers: Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa makes everything better, that’s just science. This time, he’s got a leading role in See, a post-apocalyptic series about blind people being extremely handy-capable, exclusive to Apple TV+.

See takes place in Earth’s distant future, where the majority of  humans have lost their eyesight as some sort of inherited punishment for destroying the world, or something. This means everyone is Daredevil, running around forests, riding horses, and wielding bigass cleavers, all while incapable of seeing anything. Then, all hell breaks loose when Momoa’s children are born with the magically evil power of sight.

It looks pretty entertaining and Momoa never disappoints. Maybe just don’t think too hard about the practicalities of the whole situation.

If you were wondering how you might get in on this action, Apple TV+ is launching on 1 November in over 100 countries, including South Africa. A family subscription is going to cost $4.99 (around R75, assuming direct conversion) per month, but it also comes free, for a year, with any purchase of a new iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, or Apple Mac.


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