Fallout 76 introduces new $7 fridge, players are not super-duper impressed

Despite previously pinky-promising that the game’s DLC would be limited to cosmetic items, Bethesda has launched a Fallout 76 update that includes a fridge priced at 700 Atoms ($7 for-reals cash, or approximately R100). Which, I assume, can’t be equipped as some kind of post-apocalyptic armour although that would probably be much more fun.

The fridge is one of two new items in the game’s Atomic Shop, next to a Collectron Station with a special bot that does C.A.M.P. chores so you don’t have to, but also not exactly something you can dress up with unless you’re into that sort of thing, and not even then. I think this guy on Reddit explains it with the appropriate level of drama, comparing the fridge with Fallout 76’s recent $9 Automatron expansion:

“One of these provides a new quest and locations, enemies, armor, weapons, and the other is a fridge.”


Maybe it’s time Bethesda reconsidered a free-to-play transition, but I dunno if even that can make up for a $7 fridge. Because it’s a fridge, that costs $7.

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