4-Block Dungeon Prototype

Make it through hump day with this prototype Tetris dungeon crawler

4-Block Dungeon is a prototype mashup of Tetris and dungeon exploration for the dexterous of mind with a surplus of time. Forget work, you can play this in your browser.

Developed by SquareAnon, as a side project, 4-Block Dungeon sees you controlling a knight, smiting your way through an ever-changing dungeon, that you are creating, because you’re also playing Tetris. Each block is a new section of dungeon, ripe for exploration. The rules of Tetris remain the same; place blocks to form lines that will disappear. However, when they reach the top, a portal will appear that the knight must reach in order to escape.

The knight levels up by collecting loot and fighting skeletons and, currently, the goal is to explore for as long as possible before you are defeated by your enemies, fall into the void, or achieve victory. You control the knight with your left hand and the Tetris blocks with your right, so it’s a full-brain workout, which is probably even good for you.

Plus, with both hands on the keyboard, it will appear to your colleagues like you are typing furiously. Look at you, being so productive.

You can play the prototype here.

Via PC Gamer.

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