Alexander Skarsgard

The Stand has found its big bad and it’s Alexander Skarsgård

Well, looks like I’m joining team evil. Alexander Skarsgård is set to play Randall Flagg in the upcoming TV adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand.

Alexander is the second Skarsgård to be taking on the role of an iconic Stephen King villain, since his brother Bill successfully rejuvenated Pennywise the Clown for the It films. He will be playing Randall Flagg, an evil wizard/demon/all around bad guy who you will have last seen portrayed by Matthew McConaughey in the offensively abysmal Dark Tower movie. The character, known by a variety of names, shows up in a number of King’s books, including The Stand.

The Stand revolves around two groups of people trying to survive after a superflu wipes out 99% of the population. Flagg is the leader of the obligatory group of post-apocalyptic assholes in righteous conflict with the good group, led by Mother Abigail (Whoopi Goldberg).

I’m biased, because I’ve loved him since True Blood, but Skarsgård is a rather excellent choice for the role. He does dark and intense really well. For more recent examples of his skill, you can check out Hold the Dark, Big Little Lies, or upcoming film The Kill Team.

The Stand series should be out some time in 2020.

Via SlashFilm.

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