Anthem added to EA Access in last-ditch attempt to find players

Stop trying to make Anthem happen. It’s not going to happen.

BioWare’s beleaguered looter shooter hasn’t been doing too well since its bumpy launch, back in February. Bug-riddled, empty, and forever loading, Anthem didn’t impress on it’s initial flight, but it has been patched a number of times since then, fixing all manner of bugs. Won’t you give it another chance? And maybe buy some things? You like buying things, don’t you?

Apparently, Anthem isn’t making enough of that sweet, sweet microtransaction money, and games need that to live, so it’s been added to EA Access and Origin Access, EA’s gaming subscription services. It’s an interesting strategy, let’s see how it pans out.

If you subscribe to the premier tier of, PC-exclusive, Origin Access you get the Legion of Dawn edition, while everyone else gets the standard edition of the game.

Does this make you want to give Anthem a try?

Via Engadget.

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