Ring Fit Adventure Dragon

Nintendo wants you to battle your enemies with the power of fitness so you’re basically doomed

So, now, when you fail, it won’t just be because you’re bad at the game, it will be because you are mostly potato from sitting down for 90% of your life. Motivating!

We saw a teaser trailer for Nintendo’s upcoming mystery, fitness-related Switch peripheral last week and now we know that it’s called Ring Fit Adventures, a four-player adventure game you control with exercise. The Pilates ring is actually a Ring-Con, that transmutes physical force into in-game actions, and the leg strap is, well, a Leg Strap, used in conjunction with a Joy-Con to sense lower body movement.

In Ring Fit Adventures, an evil, bodybuilding dragon is threatening the world with his swolitude and it’s up to you to stop him, with the power of squats and yoga. This is why you never skip leg day, bra.

Let these sentient teeth explain it to you.

Cool. Gear.

If it gets you to add a little more movement to your day, more power to it.

Ring Fit Adventures launches on 18 October 2019 and should take up about 2.8 GB on your Switch.


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