PewDiePie cancels $50,000 donation to anti-hate org

Claiming his decision to donate cash to the Anti-Defamation League was a “mistake”, the YouTube celebrity has now undonated the $50,000 he promised in a video this week, pending a new charity cause. Which kind of undermines fan conspiracy theories that he was blackmailed into it by (((quabal space lizards))), but so does the reality that the guy’s got millions in the bank, the donation is sponsored anyway, and, despite a series of public controversies, a petition to ban his channel, and the ongoing efforts of the fAkE nEwS libcuck mainstream media, he remains an internet megastar. But I guess you can’t stop stupid.

“I made the mistake of picking a charity that I was advised [to] instead of picking a charity that I’m personally passionate about,” Kjellberg explains in a new video uploaded last night. “Which is 100 percent my fault.”

And opinions are inevitably going to be divided on that, but it’s not like the the ADL hasn’t also been a subject of some controversy itself. Besides opposing recognition of the Armenian genocide in 2007 (a position which the org subsequently reversed on), the ADL has been involved in a number of domestic surveillance and litigation scandals, and – perhaps most significantly – criticised for its conflation of anti-Israel bias with antisemitism. And that’s like a whole other discussion, but a legitimate one.

Whether that’s the real reason Kjellberg has cancelled the donation, or because he’s deferring to some of his more, uh, questionable fans is like a whole other discussion too, though.

“Usually when I pick a charity, I take my time, I find a charity that I’m really excited about, and actually passionate to donate to,” he adds. And I think the lesson here, kids, is that knowing what you’re actually doing is important.

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