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Dota 2 handing out 20 year bans like civilisation is still going to exist by that point

By 2038 these offending players will have jobs, families, a mutant dog, and have to spend all their time queuing for water down by the local military blockade and fun complex.

Valve outlined its new ban implementation for Dota 2 in a blog post related to the new season updates. Players will be banned in a series of waves, with the first wave taking out those with “exceptionally low behavior scores”. Players will also be banned for buying or selling accounts in order to gain a higher or lower rank, as well as using exploits to gain an unfair advantage during games. Weekly bans will take place without advance warning and violating accounts will also have their associated phone numbers permanently blacklisted from access to ranked matchmaking.

Since the ban waves have already begun, some players are discovering bans that will only lift in 2038. Some are then complaining about the ban and then being exposed for the utter rubbish humans that they are, once people check their publicly visible behaviour score. More often than not, the offending player has a long history of consistently poor behaviour. Although it should be noted that some serial quitters might actually just have terrible internet connections.

Some people have pointed out that the 2038 end date is probably due to a known problem with storing time data as a signed 32-bit binary integer. Basically, they can’t encode time after 03:14:07 UTC on 19 January 2038. So, the bans were meant to be longer?

Anyway, looks like we have some more Y2K Bug-esque doomsday prophesies to look forward to. Also that fall of civilisation thing.

Via Kotaku.

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