Gearbox is working to fix Borderlands 3’s technical wobbles

Frame rate problems? Save game glitches? Random crashes, input lag, co-op connection fails? You and everybody else, apparently. The game’s much-hyped launch last Friday has been somewhat busted since, with players reporting performance and stability issues on every platform.

Besides complaints on Gearbox’s forums, Reddit and other social media, Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry analysis of Borderlands 3 concluded that, even on PS4 and Xbox One X, the game was unable to maintain a consistent frame rate, dropping from its expected 60 to 20 at times. And this isn’t limited to console, because it’s the same on PC.

On Tuesday this week, the studio confirmed on Twitter that it’s busy with “performance and quality of life improvements”, although what exactly that includes weren’t specified.

And in a subsequent update yesterday, Gearbox promises that “fixes are coming” with a link to some interim solutions.

I guess I’ll keep playing Man of Medan for now.

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