Tinder Swipe Night

Tinder launching choose-your-own-adventure matchmaking

Swipe Night will let Tinder users play through a weekly game to match with people that make the same decisions, because you need to know if you and your Tintended have compatible ideas when it comes to surviving the apocalypse. That’s just dating 101.

Every Sunday in October, starting on the 6th, Tinder will host an episode of Swipe Night in which the player must lead a group of friends through an “interactive apocalyptic adventure”. Each episode is five minutes long and players get seven seconds to make a decision each time a dilemma comes up. The choices they make will be added to their Tinder profiles for future judgement. Each episode will only be available to play for six hours.

Tinder product lead Kyle Miller hopes this approach to matchmaking will lead to more unconventional icebreakers and interesting conversations.

It really pulls out who you are, your personality, and your values. We don’t categorize or label by the choices.

Protip: if any animal is ever in danger in the game, you should probably rescue it, regardless of what your psychopathic heart tells you to do.

Via The Verge.

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