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Fortnite adding matchmaking and bots to help you git gud

The Bots will work alongside a new and improved matchmaking system, because nobody likes getting sniped within seconds of touching down.

Epic is introducing a cutting-edge, revolutionary matchmaking system that will match players according to skill, so new players won’t have to compete against veterans in the core Battle Royale modes. Mind. Blown. The Bots will be added to help shepherd the nooblets towards improvement, apparently behaving like regular players but, I imagine, more helpful. As you improve, so will your opponents, and the fewer Bots you will see. The Bots will not appear in Competitive play.

These changes should be welcomed by those that find the current state of Fortnite frustrating, at best, and unplayable, at worst. There’s nothing particularly fun about waiting for a game to load, dying a few seconds in, and then waiting again for a new one to start.

Bots will only be included from Season 11, which has no launch date as yet, but the new matchmaking system is in Fortnite’s 10.40 version update.

Via Nintendo Life.

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