Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep brings major changes to progression and Power

If the Destiny 2 level grind had you down, you’re in luck, because everyone’s being bumped to level 50 come the 1st of October. Already at level 50? Well done, you!

Pre-Shadowkeep, you had to level up your Destiny 2 character to level 50 before being able to level up your Power by gathering increasingly superior gear. This was a bit of a drag for many people, so everyone’s starting at level 50 for Shadowkeep, regardless of being new or old players. Existing gear will also have a minimum Power of 750 and all new players will start Shadowkeep with a 750 Power level. The Power level that gear can drop at will have a “hard cap” of 960, but you’ll need Pinnacle rewards to get there. Seasonal Artifact bonus Power will let you breach this “hard cap”.

So, what will experience points get you instead? Progression through the seasonal rewards. Season Pass holders will progress faster than those without.

For more details on the new progression system, and a whole lot of other new Shadowkeep things, check out Bungie’s recent blog post.

For PC players: please be reminded that Destiny 2 is moving to Steam for the launch of Shadowkeep, so you will not be able to continue playing it on Blizzard’s Battle.Net after 1 October 2019.

Via GameSpot.

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