Gears 5 Surly Marcus

The Coalition would like to remind you that a lot of Gears 5’s content is free

So maybe stop complaining about the Iron grind.

Some people have been voicing their concerns about Gears 5’s microtransactions and in-game economy, suggesting that the pricing and grind, for those players that don’t want to buy things with actual money, is not fair. The Coalition’s Rod Ferguson responded via Twitter saying that “we’re learning and improving as we go”, but also pointing out that the “majority of content is free”; way more than was free in Gears 4.

Upcoming free DLC will include new maps, skins, and characters. So, be patient while they balance things out and prepare for a lot more free stuff, you bunch of freeloaders.

It needs to be said that none of the purchasable content helps you win, but everyone’s experience would be improved by the addition of the COLE TRAIN, BABY!


Via GameSpot.

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