Red Dead Redemption Sadie Arthur

There won’t be any Red Dead Redemption 2 DLC for a while

If you were hoping for even more to do in Red Dead Redemption 2, you’re out of luck, because Rockstar has no intention of even thinking about single-player DLC for a while.

We’re 100% focused on online right now, because like I said, there’s just so much to do, and we’re just hoping to bring everything that a player can love about single-player into the online world, and fleshed out.

This is according to Rockstar’s lead online production associate, Katie Pica. To be fair, Red Dead Redemption 2’s single-player experience gives you way more to do than most games, these days, (some might even say more than was actually necessary) and Red Dead Online is just as big.

Online is also where the money is, because nobody will know how cool you are unless you cover your person and weaponry in all manner of fancy ornamentation and strap a lantern to your horse.

I get it, people are the worst and you’d rather not have to engage with the dregs of humanity (I used to be like you), but Red Dead Online is actually pretty fun. If you remain skeptical, look out for a future feature in which I convince you that your feelings are wrong.

Via GameSpot.

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