Discord has decided to lay some people off

The gamer-focused messaging app has made massive leaps and bounds over the last few months, surpassing the 250 million users milestone and introducing live gameplay streaming to its enormous userbase – but this rapid growth’s come at a cost.  And as a result of this, the company’s cut down on the number of workers in its marketing department.

“Yesterday we made an active shift in the talent needs of our marketing department to better serve our growing business and future ambitions,” company representative tells GamesIndustry. “As part of this, some difficult personnel decisions had to be made to meet these goals.”

We don’t know how many staff members were let go, but we do know that despite its recent expansions, Discord also dropped some of its 2018 ambitions to become a one-stop gaming hub over the last few months, shutting down its digital storefront in March and cancelling free games as part of its Premium Nitro service (for the rather humorous reason that no one was playing them).

Industry layoffs have become something of a mainstay in the news media over the last year, and now it appears to be affecting services tangentially related to gaming as well as the games industry itself. A worrying trend, but one that’s become quite common to the industry.

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