EA leaks FIFA players’ personal data

EA made quite a big mistake last week. You see, the publisher’s annualised FIFA games are successful enough to have their own tournaments and all that jazz, and so it makes sense that EA would have access to the personal information of all the people who register to be in the game’s tournaments, and you probably already know where this is going, because yes, it did accidentally leak the personal information of “approximately 1600” players.

Some players, during the registration period for the FIFA 2020 Global Series tournament, reported that they were able to see the personal information of other players, and in response EA took the page down, stated there were a few technical issues, and then followed that up by admitting that it had accidentally leaked some private information.

EA then made the usual apologies, explaining that “approximately 1600 players were potentially affected by this issue, and we are taking steps to contact those competitors with more details and protect their accounts”.

This is not the best situation for EA or those players to be in, but at least EA owned up to the mistake and is now trying to do what it can to rectify the situation. However, seeing as the Electronic Software Association (ESA) recently leaked thousands of E3 attendees’ personal information, it might be difficult for some of these organisations to regain the trust of the people when they can’t seem to keep their customers’ real names, addresses, and credit card information safe and confidential.

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